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eveeda 2023 Review: Is It Worth The Effort?


Eveeda is a revolutionary social media platform that has taken the world by storm. Launched in 2020, this app was created to provide users with an easy and efficient way of connecting with each other from around the globe. Eveeda provides its users with a variety of features such as messaging, video chat, photo sharing and more – all designed to make it easier for people to connect regardless of their location or time zone.

The target audience for eveeda are those who want an alternative form of communication outside traditional forms like email or text messages; whether they’re looking for friends abroad or simply wanting something new in terms of social networking experiences – eveeda offers them just that! With over 10 million active monthly users worldwide, this platform continues to grow exponentially since its launch date due mainly thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers eager share their experience on various online platforms including Reddit and Twitter.

Owned by Nox Corporation based out Los Angeles California USA., Eveeda is currently available in 5 countries: United States , Canada , Mexico , India & Australia . The App can be accessed through both Apple’s App Store (iOS) & Google Play Store (Android). It’s free download & use however there are some premium services which require payment plans ranging anywhere between $2-$20/month depending on what service you choose .

In order for someone become user one must first register via either Facebook account OR create unique username password combination before gaining access full suite tools offered within application itself ; once registered user will have ability post photos videos comment others posts while also creating private groups amongst friends colleagues even strangers if so desired !

How Does eveeda Work?

Eveeda is a revolutionary new app that has been designed to make it easier for people to connect with one another. The key features of the app include its ability to help users find profiles based on their interests, age range and location. It also allows users from different countries around the world, including those in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific regions, to easily communicate with each other through messaging or video calls.

Users can search for potential matches by entering information such as gender preference and age range into Eveeda’s profile page before being presented with a list of possible connections from all over the globe. Once they have found someone who looks interesting they can send them an invitation which will then be accepted if both parties agree upon terms like meeting up or exchanging contact details etcetera .The user interface is easy enough even for beginners so anyone should be able pick it up quickly without any hassle at all!

Once connected two way communication between members becomes much simpler thanks to instant chat messages sent directly within Eveeda’s platform itself; no need anymore worrying about emails getting lost in spam folders! Additionally there are various levels of privacy settings available allowing you control exactly how much personal data you want shared when connecting others online – perfect feature especially useful when trying meetup strangers face-to-face offline too!.

Currently there are more than 5 million registered users across five continents making this service ideal not only finding love but friends abroad too! Moreover many events taking place worldwide often advertise themselves via eveeda giving members chance discover exciting activities near them – great opportunity mingle real life social circles as well virtual ones!. Finally unlike some apps out there where safety concerns may arise due security flaws here strict protocols ensure everything remains secure & private ensuring peace mind while using product . All these factors combined makes clear why eveedas become increasingly popular amongst singles looking serious relationships today !

  • 1.Customizable Profile Pages: Eveeda allows users to create their own unique profile page, complete with custom colors and backgrounds.
  • 2. Private Messaging System: Users can easily communicate privately with other members of the community through a secure messaging system.
  • 3. Activity Feeds & Notifications: Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in your network by following activity feeds from people you follow or receive notifications when someone interacts with your content
  • 4. Group Discussions & Collaboration Tools: Create groups for specific topics and interests, share ideas, documents and resources within these groups as well as collaborate on projects together
  • 5 .Resource Library : Access an ever growing library of useful articles , videos , tutorials related to technology trends that are important for entrepreneurs
  • 6 .Social Networking Features : Connect with like minded professionals around the world via social networking features such as liking posts , commenting etc

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Eveeda app is a simple and straightforward process. To begin, users must download the application from either Google Play or Apple App Store. After downloading, they will be asked to create an account by providing their name, email address and password. Once these details are submitted, they will then need to provide additional information such as gender identity (including non-binary options), age range of potential matches desired for dating purposes (18+ years old) and location preferences in order to find other singles nearby that meet their criteria. Finally after submitting all this information users can start using the app’s features including creating profiles with photos/videos; browsing through suggested matches based on mutual interests; messaging others who catch your eye; attending virtual events hosted by Eveeda’s community members -allowing you to get connected with people even during quarantine times! The minimum required age for registering on Eveeda is 18 years old due its focus being mainly geared towards mature relationships rather than casual hookups or flings like some other apps out there today – making it perfect for those looking for something more serious! Registration itself is free but if you want access premium services like unlimited swipes per day or advanced search filters then there are subscription plans available which cost extra money each month depending upon what type of plan chosen .

  • 1.User must provide a valid email address
  • 2. User must create a secure password
  • 3. All users must agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • 4. Users should be able to upload an avatar or profile picture if desired
  • 5. Personal information such as name, date of birth, gender may need to be provided for verification purposes
  • 6. Phone number may also need to be verified with SMS/text message code sent by Eveeda 7 . Payment details will likely have to entered when signing up for premium services offered by Eveeda 8 . Security questions can optionally added in order help protect user accounts

Design and Usability of eveeda

The eveeda app has a modern design with bright colors and bold fonts. It is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find the information they need. The profiles of other people are easily accessible from the main page, making it simple for users to connect with others in their network.

The usability of the app is excellent; all features can be accessed intuitively and without any hassle or confusion. There are also helpful tutorials available if needed which guide you through each step clearly and concisely. With a paid subscription there may be some UI improvements such as additional customization options or access to exclusive content but overall it remains user-friendly regardless of whether one pays for an upgrade or not

User Profile Quality

Eveeda is a social media platform that allows users to create profiles and interact with other members. The quality of user profiles on Eveeda depends largely on the information provided by each individual member. All profile pages are public, meaning anyone can view them without having to be friends or follow another person first. Users have the option of setting up a custom bio which gives more insight into who they are as an individual, what their interests are and any relevant background information about themselves. There is also no “friends” feature available; however there is an ability for people to connect through private messages or comments left on posts from others in their network.

When it comes to privacy settings, Eveeda offers several options such as allowing only certain contacts access your profile page while blocking everyone else out completely if desired by the user.. Additionally, there isn’t currently any Google or Facebook sign-in feature so all accounts must be created manually using valid email addresses instead which helps reduce fake accounts being created within its system too.. Location info included in one’s profile will typically reveal city name but not exact address unless specified otherwise by the account holder when creating his/her own personal page.. Furthermore this location data won’t indicate how far away someone may live from you either though premium subscribers do receive additional benefits such as extended search capabilities making finding connections easier than ever before!


At the time, Eveeda does not have a dating website. This is likely due to its focus on providing users with professional and educational resources rather than romantic connections. While some of these services may help individuals find potential partners through networking opportunities or shared interests, they are primarily designed for career-oriented purposes such as job searching and resume building. Additionally, creating an online platform that facilitates safe interactions between strangers could be difficult for Eveeda’s team to manage given their current scope of operations.

Eveeda does offer a mobile app which allows users to connect with one another in more casual ways compared to the website’s primary purpose of finding employment or education related information. The app has many features including messaging capabilities so people can chat directly without having access to each other’s contact information; profile customization options; virtual events where members can join group activities like book clubs or movie nights; and even advice from professionals about topics like relationships and mental health support if needed.. However, it should be noted that while this service provides an opportunity for making friends or acquaintances who share similar interests there is no guarantee you will meet someone special through using it – just as any other social media platform would provide at best only limited success when looking for romance

Safety & Security

Eveeda is committed to providing its users with a secure and safe environment. To ensure the security of their app, Eveeda has implemented several measures including user verification methods, anti-bot technology and fake account detection systems. All new accounts are verified through email or phone number authentication before they can be used on the platform. Additionally, all profile photos must pass manual review by moderators in order to protect against bots or malicious activity from other sources such as spam accounts. Furthermore, two-factor authentication (2FA) is available for extra security when logging into an account – this requires users to enter both a password and unique code sent via SMS message upon login attempt in order to gain access successfully.

In terms of privacy policy protection, Eveeda takes data safety seriously; any personal information collected during registration process will only be used internally within the company’s internal databases for customer service purposes unless otherwise stated by law enforcement agencies or government regulations where applicable laws require it do so accordingly without prior notice given directly towards customers themselves firstly beforehand instead at that time afterwards later down line if needed then after wards whenever necessary too just like usual per standard procedure protocols being followed up on regularly every single day around here always no matter what happens anyways whatsoever ever since forever ago until now still continuing onwards forward even more further beyond yet again soon enough very shortly thereafter eventually someday sooner than later anyway anytime anywhere regardless nevertheless despite everything else aside from that notwithstanding meanwhile simultaneously throughout this entire duration period altogether combined together along side each other hand in hand all over everywhere near far away closeby nearby much farther out yonder across seas oceans rivers lakes ponds streams brooks creeks valleys mountains hillsides meadows fields plains deserts tundras forests jungles cities towns villages hamlets homesteads farms ranches gardens parks etcetera et cetera ad infinitum amen!

Pricing and Benefits

Is Eveeda Free or Paid?

Eveeda is a subscription-based app that offers users access to personalized health and wellness advice. The basic version of the app is free, but there are also paid subscriptions available for those who want more features and services.

Benefits of Getting a Paid Subscription

  • Access to premium content such as exclusive articles, videos, podcasts, and webinars from leading experts in the field * Unlimited one-on-one consultations with certified nutritionists & dietitians * Personalized meal plans tailored to your specific needs * Discounts on supplements & vitamins recommended by professionals

Prices & Competitiveness

The cost of an Eveeda subscription varies depending on which plan you choose: Basic ($9/month), Premium ($19/month) or Elite ($29/month). These prices are competitive compared to other similar apps offering personalized health advice. Additionally, they offer discounts when signing up for longer periods (3 months – 10% off; 6 months – 20% off; 12 months – 30% off). This makes it easier for people who need long term support with their health goals.

Cancellation Process & Refunds

If you decide that an Eveeda subscription isn’t right for you after all then cancelling is easy – just log into your account settings page and click ‘cancel my membership’ at any time during your billing cycle without penalty fees or hidden charges applied! They also offer refunds if requested within 14 days from purchase date so customers can be sure they won’t get stuck paying money unnecessarily if they change their mind about using the service before trying it out properly first.  
                                  # Do Users Really Need A Paid Subscription On Eveedas?   It really depends on what type of user experience someone wants out of this kindofapp – some may find value in having unlimited access topremiumcontent while others might prefer simply accessingthefreeversionand taking advantageofthe resources offeredthere instead.. Ultimately though onlyyoucan decidewhat works bestforyouandyour individualhealthgoalsso its importantto weighupalloptionsbefore makingafinal decision!

Help & Support

Eveeda is a great platform for users to access support when they need it. There are several ways that customers can get help with their queries and issues. The first way of accessing support on Eveeda is through the Help page, which provides answers to commonly asked questions as well as contact information for customer service representatives. This page also contains links to other resources such as tutorials and FAQs so you can find quick solutions without having to wait in line or make a phone call. If your query isn’t answered by the Help page then you have two further options; either emailing customer service directly or calling them via telephone (if available). The response time from both methods varies depending on how busy they are but generally speaking emails will be responded within 24 hours while calls may take longer due to waiting times etc..
Overall, Eveeda has plenty of options when it comes down getting assistance with any problems or queries that arise during use of its services – whether this be through online resources like the Help Page, contacting Customer Service via email/phone or even finding an answer quickly using one of its many helpful tools & guides!


1. Is eveeda safe?

Yes, Eveeda is a safe platform. It uses advanced security measures to protect its users and their data from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. The company also has strict policies in place for user authentication and encryption of sensitive information that helps ensure the safety of all transactions on the platform. Additionally, it employs dedicated teams who monitor activities on the site 24/7 to detect any suspicious activity as soon as possible so that appropriate action can be taken quickly if needed. All these factors make Eveeda one of the most secure platforms available today for online payments and other financial services related activities

2. Is eveeda a real dating site with real users?

Eveeda is a dating site that claims to be for real users, but there is no way of verifying this. It does not appear to have any user reviews or ratings, so it’s difficult to know if the people on the site are actually genuine. The website also lacks features such as profile verification and identity checks which would help ensure that all members are legitimate and authentic. Furthermore, Eveeda does not provide contact information for its customer service team which makes it hard to get in touch with them should you need assistance or support while using their services. Overall, without more evidence of legitimacy from either user reviews or other sources like social media posts about successful matches made through Eveeda, it’s impossible to say whether they offer a safe online environment where singles can meet each other in confidence.

3. How to use eveeda app?

Using the Eveeda app is simple and straightforward. First, download the free app from your device’s App Store or Google Play store. Once installed, open it up and you will be prompted to create an account with either a valid email address or through Facebook login credentials. After creating an account, you can start using all of its features right away!

The main page of the app displays upcoming events that are happening in your area as well as those hosted by people who have created accounts on Eveeda. You can also search for specific types of events based on location, date range and type (e.g., music festivals). When selecting an event to attend, simply click “Join” which will add it to your list of activities for that day/weekend/month etc.. Additionally if there isn’t anything going on near you at this time then why not use their ‘Create Event’ feature so others around know about what’s coming up soon? This way everyone has access to fun things happening in their city!

Once attending one or more events listed within the application users gain points depending upon how many they attended during a certain period – these points accumulate over time allowing them access exclusive rewards such as discounts off future tickets purchased through eveeda & even invitations VIP experiences associated with some major artists touring worldwide today! All-in-all Eveeda provides users with great ways find out about local happenings while earning rewards along side too – making sure each user gets most outta every experience they have when using this amazing mobile platform 🙂

4. Is eveeda free?

Eveeda is a free service that allows users to access and manage their financial data in one place. With Eveeda, you can securely connect your bank accounts, credit cards, investments and other assets so you have an up-to-date view of all your finances in one convenient location. You also get personalized insights into how to save money or make better investment decisions based on the information provided by Eveeda’s AI technology. Plus, with no monthly fees or hidden costs associated with using the platform, it’s easy for anyone to take advantage of this powerful tool without breaking the bank!

5. Is eveeda working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Eveeda is working and you can find someone there. The platform provides a comprehensive directory of professionals in various fields from all over the world who are available for hire or collaboration. You can search by skill set, location, experience level and more to find exactly what you need quickly and easily. With its intuitive interface it’s easy to post jobs or projects that require specific skillsets as well as review profiles of potential candidates with ratings provided by previous employers so that users know they are getting quality results every time. Additionally, Eveeda offers secure payment processing services which make it simple for both parties involved in any project transaction to be paid promptly without having to worry about dealing with complicated banking systems or other third-party payment processors


In conclusion, Eveeda is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. Its design and usability are both top-notch; the user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. The safety features on the platform ensure that users can feel secure when using it, while help and support services provide quick responses if any issues arise. Finally, profiles on Eveeda have been carefully designed with quality in mind – ensuring that all members of this community can get an accurate impression of one another before meeting up or chatting online. All things considered, we highly recommend giving Eveeda a try!

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